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It is made out of CARBON.

The racket has an extra layer of varnish that makes it even more powerful and also maximises the effects of each stroke.

This new padel from KELME is spectacular, both in defence and attack. It is one of the padel rackets on the market with the best power and control. Furthermore, it has an elegant design and comes in bright colours.

Player Type

This racket is ideal for a professional player searching for one of the best rackets on the market, a racket that makes them a better player, a racket, that helps them strike the ball from the back of the court or even knock it out of the park. A racket you can rely on and one of great performance in all aspects of the game. A special racket for knocking the ball out of the court, for the smash and the viper.

Technical Features

It has a teardrop shape with a weight that ranges from 360 to 380 grams and a 38 millimeter frame.

The frame is made of 100% carbon fibre, a frame that provides the right amount of rigidity, rigidity that transforms into control of the ball. This racket also produces very few vibrations.

For the production of the racket´s core, we have used soft EVA foam which allows us to strike the ball powerfully while simultaneously maintaining great control of the ball. It is made with a high quality foam.

The racket features a large sweet spot and thanks to this we are in the presence of a racket that will help us steal back many points from the opposing team as well as enable us to quickly strike the balls nearest to the net.

Design and Colours

On the most eye catching features of the racket is that it transmits an elegance and roughness with the Hexagon technology that enhances results.

The grip on the handle is wide and provides maximum comfort.

Boasting a padded grip for maximum comfort available in black.


One of the most eye catching features of the racket is that it transmits great elegance and roughness with the Hexagon technology which enhances the effects of the balls. We also have to highlight the holes in the racket which have been strategically added to improve the release of the ball and avoid any vibrations.

ShapeTear or Diamond
Frame100% Carbon
Face100% Carbon fiber
MaterialsEva XtraSoft Rubber
Profile38 mm

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